Four Classic Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

We celebrate Mother’s Day, because Mums are simply the best! How to surprise your mother? What is the perfect gift to say “Thank You”? There are so many possibilities to celebrate your Mum on Mother’s Day and make her feel extra special! We are keeping it traditional and recommend combining the following ideas for the perfect Mother’s day.

Her Favourite Flowers

Flowers are a classic on Mother’s Day. Say thank you with a colourful bouquet of flowers! Favourites for that special day are roses, tulips and carnations among others. Nothing can go wrong with flowers. Bonus point if you know her favourites!

A Personal Card 

A card with a personal message for your Mum is a lovely way to show her how much she means to you. Plus points for DIYing a card! The simplest way is to use a picture of the two of you and glue it onto a colourful blank card. If you can’t make it in person for Mother’s Day, don’t forget to send your card on time!


A Personalised Keepsake

Most women love jewelry and mothers are no exception. Personalise a timeless piece of jewelry for her. You could engrave your and your siblings’ names, initials or birthdays on it. To make it more discreet, engrave your birthdays in Roman numerals. An engraved piece of jewelry is a beautiful way for her to carry her loved ones close to her heart.


Your Time

Undoubtedly, your time is the most precious gift you can give! Make some room in your calendar to visit her. Invite her to brunch, bring a cake to enjoy together with a cuppa or have a fun night cooking dinner together. If you live too far away for a visit on Mother’s Day, give her a call. 


How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Do you have any traditions or do you surprise her with something new every year?